Argentina is one of the world’s major wine-growing countries [5th].This enormous potential has yet to be fully exploited. Like Chile, the history of wine making can be traced to its early Spanish colonisers. It was they who found the best grape growing conditions in Mendoza Province at the foothills of the Andes. These high altitude vineyards have a unique micro climate, as rain hardly ever falls. Water is provided from the Andean snow melt which collects in rivers, streams and irrigation channels, some of which date back to the Incas. Combining tradition, linked to the latest technology and meticulous quality winemaking, Argentina produces a range of full flavoured, harmonious wines that has awakened a global interest in malbec and torrontes grapes in addition to a number of other European varieties to give a distinctive selection of wines that are gaining ever more friends year on year.

Finca Beltran  
Malbec Reservas 16
Finca del Alta  
Malbec/Merlot 18
Chardonnay/Chenin 18
Malbec 18
£6.89 £6.89 £7.55
Malbec Reserve 18
 Finca Vista
 Malbec 18
Beafsteak Club  
The Meaty Malbec    
Malbec 17
Cabernet Sauvignon 14
Select Malbec /Carmenere
£8.39 £8.39 £12.99
Pascal Toso  
Don Aparo Malbec 17/18
Estate Malbec 17
Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 17
£7.95 £9.75 £9.75
Selected Malbec 16
Selected Cabernet Sauvignon 16
£13.25 £13.25