The soft and fruit driven wines of the ‘Lucky Country’ have captivated the casual and the serious wine drinker alike. Oz winemakers astonishing enthusiasm in synchronising the ancient arts of the traditional with the processes of modern technology have enabled their wines to be placed in the forefront of international acclaim and appreciation.

The Chardonnays are bursting with rich peach and melon, with a soft creamy finish and toasty aromas. The reds are packed with deep, mouth filling red berry fruits, harmonised with soft tannins and subtle hints of vanilla when oak-aged with many of them at stunningly wallet friendly prices.


South Eastern Australia  
  Dry River    
Chardonnay Pinot Grigio
£6.39 £6.39 £6.49
Shiraz Chardonnay  Pinot Grigio
24x187ml  £41.00 24x187ml  £41.00 24x187ml  £41.00
Shiraz Chardonnay Pinot Grigio
£6.49 £6.49 £6.49
 Andrew Peace    
Andrew Peace Reserve Shiraz
Andrew Peace Reserve Chardonnay  
£6.49  £6.49  
Stoney Vale
Stoney Vale Shiraz/Cabernet Stoney Vale Colombard/Chardonnay  
 £6.49  £6.49  
Berton Estates  
Puzzle Ridge Shiraz
Puzzle Ridge Chardonnay
 £7.79  £7.79  
Nugan Estate
Third Generation Cabernet Sauvignon
Third Generation Merlot
 Third Generation Shiraz
£7.69 £7.69 £7.69
Third Generation Chardonnay    
Barossa Valley    
Elderton E Series
Shiraz/Cabernet 15
Western Australia  
Frankland Estate  
Rocky Gully Shiraz 15 [O]
Rocky Gully Riesling 17 [O]
£13.49 £13.95  
Estate Shiraz 16 [O]
Estate Riesling 17 [O]
Estate Chardonnay 14 [O]
£15.99 £15.99 £15.29