Bordeaux is widely regarded as the largest fine wine region in the world. It is a complex area having a multiplicity of districts, communes, domains and chateaux, each with their very own micro-climate and soil composition. The whole of  the region is steeped in history and nurtures vines with a unique pedigree.

Some very good recent vintages and commercial reality has helped enormously in Bordeaux consolidating its position as one of the Worlds premier fine wine producing regions.

Ch Roc de Segur 13
Ch Haut Pingat 14
Ch Terrefort Lescalle 13
 £8.40 £8.60 £9.25
Ch de Bergun Rouge 16
Ch de Bergun Blanc  
£8.95 £8.95  
Bordeaux Superieur  
Ch des Antonins 16
Ch de Terrefort Quancord 14 Ch des Antonins 16 
 £10.45  £10.25 £9.95
Ch des Gravieres 15
Ch Labadie 14

Saint Emilion  
Ch de Roques 15  Puisseguin
Ch Lucas 12    Lussac
Ch Teyssier 12    Montagne
£14.85  £12.85 £16.85
Ch Petite Vedrines 12