Languedoc Rouissillon & South West

Vin de Pays are a mirror image of France, a variety of landscapes, cultures and local accents. They are enjoying a fashionable following. Each has its own character and personality and each Vins de Pays bears the name of its region of origin. Produced from familiar grape varieties, these fruit driven wines with their soft easy tannins make excellent party wines.  Large injections of capital investment in recent years have resulted in the dramatic transformation in the quality of the wines in the South of France. Producers are increasingly eager to make use of oak cask maturation and to domaine and chateau bottle their estate wines, These are good honest bottles of the wine-makers art and represent very good value.

Metropole Rouge
Metropole Blanc
£6.59 £6.59  
La Girouette Syrah La Girouette Sauvignon Blanc  
£7.39 £7.39  
Paul Mas Claude Val Rouge Paul Mas Claude Val Blanc Paul Mas Claude Val Rose
£7.49 £7.49 £7.49
B&G Cabernet Sauvignon
B&G Merlot
B&G Grenache Noir
£7.59 £7.59 £7.59
B&G Sauvignon Blanc
B&G Chardonnay
B&G Viogner
£7.59 £7.59 £7.59
Guillame Aurele Viognier
Guillame Aurele Pinot Noir

£7.39 £7.50  
L’Or de Sud Merlot L’Or de Sud Cabernet Sauvignon L’Or de Sud Syrah
£7.69 £7.69 £7.69
 L’Or de Sud Sauvignon Blanc  L’Or de Sud Grenache Blanc  L’Or de Sud Chardonnay
£7.69  £7.69 £7.69
Terre d’Orb Rouge Cave de Roquebrun

£7.69 £8.29 £8.29
Moment de Plaisir Rose Vignobles Lorgeril L’Orangeraie Rose  
£7.99 £8.29  
Le Grand Noir Cabernet/Syrah
Le Grand Noir Pinot Noir
Le Grand Noir Chardonnay
£8.29 £8.59 £8.29
La Forge Pinot Noir La Forge Sauvignon Blanc  
£9.49 £9.49  
Muscat de Frontignan Ch de la Peyrade
Cahors Clos la Coutale 15