Piemonte – Lombardy – Veneto

Italy is one carpet of vineyards extending from  its snowy northern Alps, down to the shimmering heat of Sicily. The grape vine grows luxuriantly in all of its regions producing wines of great diversity and  universal appeal that enables them to grace any occasion. The professionalism of growers and the co-ops to raise standards and achieve higher quality status for their wines has helped Italy to become one of the most important suppliers to the UK.

From a wealth of highly individual grape varieties Italy has a real point of difference and distinguishes itself as a beacon of choice and undeniable originality.

Monferrato Sassaia Bergaglio
Gavi di Gavi Sarotto 17
Gavi Sassaia  Begaglio
£13.99 £11.09 £11.55
Barbera Antonio Vallana 17
Gattinara Antonio Vallana 07
£12.45 £24.99  
Dolcetto D’Alba Cascina Liusin 16
Roero Arneis Cascina Liusin 16
Langhe Nebbiolo Liusin 13
£15.35 £16.35 £17.99
Barolo Leon Cascina Liusin 13
Montunal Montonale 16
Orestilla Montonale 16

£15.35 £19.85  
Veneto Vincentini  
Cadia Merlot
Cadia Cabernet Sauvignon
Cadia Garganega Pinot Grigio
£6.49 £6.49 £6.50
Pinot Grigio Colli Vincentini

 Veneto Monte del Fra  
Bardolino 16
Valpolicella Classico 17
Bianco di Custoza17
£11.25  £10.25
Soave Classico