Sherry Port & Madeira

Sanlucar de Barrameda lies on the Guadalquivir river estuary and is synonymous for its magnificent Manzanillas which when taken lightly chilled, with its appealing camomile bouquet, is regarded by many as the ultimate in aperitifs. The smooth medium dry Amontillado has a universal appeal and needs no introduction.

Antonio Barbadillo  
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 Emilio Lustau
Lusteau Manzanilla Pasada Jurado 50cl
Lusteau Amontillado Obregon 50cl Lusteau Oloroso Gallina 50cl
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Lusteau Palo Cortado Cayetano Del Pino y Cia 50cl
Croft Harveys Gonzales Byass
Original Pale Cream
Bristol Cream
Tio Pepe
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Port has become too much of an after dinner institution since tawny port can be appreciated in less formal gatherings. The epitome of the producers art are the vintage and single quinta ports which need 10 to 20 years before reaching drinking maturity, where decanting is essential to bring the clear wine off its sedimentary crust.

Portugal’s other fortified gem is produced on the tiny island of Madeira some 500 miles west off the coast of Morocco. It is a unique style of wine and like sherry it is carefully matured in a solera system before final bottling. The wines have tremendous power and flavour and provide a range of taste sensations from luscious sweetness to dry aperitif style.

Dows Ruby
Dows Tawny
Smith Woodhouse Ruby
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Smith Woodhouse 10yo Tawny Quinta de la Rosa Finest Reserve Grahams LBV 2012
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Quinta de la Rosa LBV 2014
Kopke Vintage 96
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MADEIRA Blandy’s
Duke of Sussex
Duke of Clarence
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