Wines are made from the classic European grape varieties, along with the native zinfandel, which are grown in specially selected cool valley vineyards. Oak-ageing plays a significant role in the style and final character of the finer wines with a greater emphasis nowadays being placed on a much lighter touch of wood during the processes of fermentation and ageing which produces wines having greater depths of complexity, elegance and purity of their respective grape flavours.


California Wildwood
Merlot 17/18
Shiraz 17/18
Chardonnay 17/18
 £6.55 £6.55 £6.55
Zinfandel Rose 17/18
California Wente Hayes Ranch
Cabernet Sauvignon
£9.99  £9.99  
California McManis  
Petit Syrah 17
Pinot Noir 17
Chardonnay 17
£11.19  £11.19  £11.19
Viognier 17
California Don Sebastiani & Sons
The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon
The Crusher Pinot Noir  The Crusher Petite Syrah
 £11.75   £11.75   £11.75
The Crusher Unoaked Chardonnay The Crusher Viognier  
 £11.75 £11.75  
California Frogs Leap
Zinfandel 16 [O]
Merlot 14 [O]
Sauvignon Blanc 17 [O]
£25.75 £33.85 £21.89
California Qupe Santa Babara